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As the world begins to open up, so do our volunteer opportunities!

We will keep you updated on community  events we will be participating in and how to volunteer. Stay tuned!

Become A Certified Crisis Intervention Peer Counselor

Therapy Session

About The Training

Our peer counseling training will allow you to provide direct client services. The training is certified by the California Office Of Emergency Services (CalOES). It meets the certification requirements as a Counselor/Advocate for our domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking agency (Community Beyond Violence in Grass Valley, CA) under Section 18294 of the California State Welfare and Institutions Codes and Section 13837 of the Penal Code.

The Spring 2023 training will be 10 weeks in length, two evenings per week and class sessions are two hours long. There is also a required one-hour Orientation. 

Why Take This Training

We live in very challenging and dangerous times. Oftentimes it is difficult to know how to help in light of such events such as the dismantling of Roe v Wade. 

Oftentimes, engaging and giving back to those in crisis and need can help with those sentiments of "but what can I do about all of this?" 

At Community Beyond Violence, every day we support survivors of domestic and sexual violence who have had their bodily autonomy attacked. This is and must be a community effort. By completing our Crisis Intervention Training, you will be making a huge and positive impact.  

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What You Will Learn

Take this training to learn valuable skills in both your professional and personal life from active listening techniques and peer counseling skills; to identifying red flags in relationships; to understanding and dismantling societal and personal biases.  

Take this training because you want to change the societal and individual impact of interpersonal violence; soothe the effects of trauma; AND how to advocate for survivors most compassionately and effectively.

Take this training because you seek to be connected to something greater than yourself.

The Fall 2022 Crisis Intervention Training Is Full

We will be holding a Spring 2023 Crisis Intervention Training. Dates to be determined but usually begins early March. 

Please note!

Space fills up quickly. To get detailed information and/or to reserve your spot, just complete and

submit our online volunteer application.

For questions or more information, contact:

Michelle Bancroft, Volunteer Coordinator


(530) 460-7016

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