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While October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s important to reflect on the circumstances around domestic violence all year to stop the cycle of abuse.


We define domestic violence as “a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate or family relationship.” This includes physical, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. Domestic violence affects people of all races, classes, genders, and age groups.

To end the cycle, we’ll also need to end the stigma that keeps survivors from reaching out for help. Hearing the stories of others helps shine a light on how abuse begins, why people stay, and what can be done to reduce the violence. Some survivors even manage to move beyond their painful experiences to find healing through storytelling.

Why Your Story Matters

We are honoring survivors by offering an opportunity for you to share your story. Sharing your story could be a step in your own self-healing or it could be a story of your journey from abuse to empowerment. Or maybe you find yourself still in an unhealthy relationship and just need to share it somehow, some way with someone. We invite you to share with us your story, whether it’s a short couple lines or a whole novel. We are here to listen.

If you choose, you can give permission for us to share your story with our community, on social media and/or in our newsletters. All identifying information will always be kept confidential and we will speak with you specifically before publishing anything to ensure you maintain control over your own story. Sharing your story will help others to feel they are not alone. There is hope.

Share Your Story - It Matters

To share your story, click on the below button. You will be taken to a confidential form to submit. 

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